Marking and traceability software

Technifor integrates the complexity of your needs into easy-to-use solutions.

Developed by Technifor, our software is dedicated to industrial marking and traceability.

Our software and internal programmes connect the marking machine to your real-time process and meet the needs for a variety of applications: automatic incrementation, data recovery, rapid data exchange, accessibility of services across the site (diagnostics, programming and file saving, etc), remote machine management and task automation, etc.

With complete connectivity, the machines send and receive all data (ODBC, Excel and ASCII, etc), communicate with your PLCs and display any current operations. Natively equipped with advanced communication tools (Ethernet TCP/IP and Profnet), they easily interface with the most modern industrial networks.

Advanced features:

Optimised toolpaths, simulation, traceability and refined configuration options offering unrivalled management of your machine.