Samples and application support

Samples and application support

Feasibility studies, advice and free tests, Technifor supports your projects directly and can manage major integration projects worldwide thanks to a unique network of subsidiaries.

Within an applications laboratory, its experts validate the most suitable technology and create industrial-quality samples.


Technifor application laboratory Demonstration and testing on sample pieces

Applications laboratory

Equipped with all the marking technologies (laser, dot peen, scribing) and all the configurations (integrable, column, portable), a marking service is offered for your samples to test and the validate the quality of the marking on your parts.   These tests help us to offer you:

  • the marking technology best suited to your products
  • the optimal configuration for your production environment
  • the ideal reading and lighting system. A comprehensive report of the marking results, including speed and depth, will be attached to your marked parts.

Send us your parts for a free test

Free demonstrations

Throughout France, our team can travel to you to give a "live demonstration" of our equipment on your parts.   Initial contact to find out about our systems, their advanced functions and their ease of use and installation!


Technifor feasibility studies Industrial pre-production

Feasibility studies

We provide you with the expertise of our multi-competence Innovation and Technology Centre for the definition of your traceability solutions:

  • Marking qualification
  • Integration advice
  • Reading

With 30 years of experience in the industrial marking sector and over 40,000 machines installed worldwide, Technifor offers unrivalled know-how in terms of traceability and integration of the marking function into production lines.

Industrial pre-series

These studies may be subject to equipment rental packages allowing you to validate the feasibility of a part in an industrial configuration.