mark and verify a datamatrix code

Marking - Verifying - Saving

Direct part marking (DPM) using the 2D data-matrix code is the most effective way to achieve the complete control and traceability of parts.
These applications require not only marking but also a global process including quality control of the marking and the storage of information.

Why and how use complete traceability in your production?

We help you with the choice and implementation of the global solution. We provide you with complete "turnkey" solutions and we personalise them according to the requirements of your applications in terms of marking, verifying and reading Data Matrix codes.











  • Individual tracking of each product throughout its life cycle
  • Combat theft or counterfeiting
  • Precise diagnosis of the marking quality
  • Validation of its compliance with standards concerned
  • Sending of alerts for the rejection of parts
  • Establishment of a preventive maintenance plan

Process data contained in the Datamatrix code at any time:

  • at each stage of production
  • during final inspection and quality control
  • following a customer return
  • Centralise and save data history
  • Manage stocks and flows
  • Schedule maintenance, perform analyses
  • Mark parts subject to a recall
  • Deal with responsibility and warranty issues
HOW? Marking machine Camera + lighting + verification software based on international standards 2D code reader Data management
  • High-precision machines developed for the marking of datamatrix codes.
  • A wide range of technologies and configurations adapted to each application (laser, dot peen or scribe)
  • The most effective vision tools on the market
  • Control of all parameters to optimise your production:
    • Grades using AIAG, IAQG 9132 (excellent, acceptable, non-compliant) criteria
    • Establishment of personalised alarms
  • A choice of fixed cameras or portable scanners
  • Real-time storage of all information (timestamping, shift codes, measurement results, etc) for each product
  • Database with possible information filters and the use of indicators
  • Data communication for analysis, stock management, etc.


Automate the marking and reading of 2D codes to avoid entry errors, speed up data exchange and save a trace for each production.       

Identify and immediately reject faulty parts, provide a history of parts assembled securing each production and improving exchanges between subcontractors and manufacturers.                                                                     


High-precision machines developed for the marking of Datamatrix codes.

A wide range of technologies and configurations adapted to each application (laser, dot peen or scribe)                                                                               

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