marking on the glass

Laser marking on glass and transparent materials

Glass is a natural, neutral and delicate material that reacts extremely well to CO2 laser marking.

Inkjet marking involves the use of polluting inks, labels and solvents. With CO2 laser marking on glass, reduce your carbon footprint: say goodbye to pollution and hello to simplicity and speed!

Technifor offers CO2 laser machines that allow you to identify your products completely.

Our machines for engraving and marking glass and transparent materials

The laser performs micro-cracks on the surface, which allows visible marking. This process is fast, non-polluting, and economical: the lifetime of a laser is about 45,000 hours, which significantly reduces the cost per marking.

The Technifor CO2 laser is able to engrave any logo or message on transparent materials, as well as encode any information necessary for traceability.

Our laser marking machines allow you to: 

Glass laser marking
Transparent plastic laser marking
Laser marking glass transparent materials

The use of marking directly on the product, without consumables, has several advantages:


Code, recognize, enhance and differentiate your products while protecting them from counterfeiting with Technifor glass laser marking!

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Laser marking on glass and transparent materials

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