Marking of Handling and Lifting Systems

Client needs

  • Diversity of parts and material to be marked: lifting clamps, spreaders, pulleys and nameplates, etc.
  • Easy to use for any operator
  • Link with the production database to automatically recover the data to be marked
  • Installation on a workstand


  • Versatile machine: Permanent marking on painted surfaces, on steel, on aluminium plates and on chrome-plated pulleys, etc.
  • Sturdy machine requiring no consumables
  • Rapid marking of small series of parts and unique parts

Solution proposed

Marking: marking machine on a freestanding column

Client benefits

Installed for over 10 years, this machine is used every day to identify a wide range of equipment easily.
Technifor has met the essential needs of versatility, simplicity and reliability with its dot-peen solution.

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Marking of Handling and Lifting Systems

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