Marking of personal protective equipment (PPE)

Guarantee the regulatory compliance of your PPE!

Technifor has developed a comprehensive range of solutions for the permanent marking of personal protective equipment (PPE) used at work, in the practice of sports and leisure or in the domestic sector:

- individual marking guarantees the traceability of each unit produced (buckles, rings, lamps, pulleys, picks, ladders, slings, site equipment and protection, etc).
- clear and durable marking offers 100% readability throughout the life of the PPE.

-> Add your brand and compliance markings: CE marking, company number, date, symbol, logo, instructions for use, PPE category, individual number and product control code, etc.
-> Guarantee the complete traceability of your PPE thanks to the marking of datamatrix codes.

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Marking of handling and lifting systems

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Automated laser marking station

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