Marking of automotive detectors

Dot peen marking of automotive captors
Dot peen marking of automotive captors
Dot peen marking of automotive captors

Client needs

Marking of electronic detectors for the automotive sector

  • Automates marking to respond to increased production
  • Replaces the inkjet identification system with permanent marking
  • Meets the traceability requirements for automotive conductors
  • Automates the reception and marking of data: Product identification number + batch number + date code


  • Tens of thousands of parts marked each month
  • Indelible marking able to withstand the harshest environments@ high temperatures, smoke, dust and damp
  • Integration of the marking system into test equipment

Solution proposed

Marking: 3 pneumatic dot peen machines

Client benefits

I sent Technifor some samples to mark with their dot peen system" explains the production manager. "As soon as we got them back, I sent them to our end client who approved them almost immediately.

By replacing an inkjet system which requires relatively expensive consumables and a daily maintenance, we have saved a significant amount", he concludes. "By comparison, the Technifor system is very reliable and does not require any maintenance or consumables. It is easily the best adapted and most reliable process.

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Marking of automotive detectors

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