Identification of Locks

Identify whole barrel , cylinder and key to avoid any errors
Marking all in 1 cycle
Identify whole barrel , cylinder and key to avoid any errors

Client needs

Identification of the 3 sub-assemblies comprising a lock

  • Prevention of any risk of error in the identification of the 3 sub-assemblies comprising a lock: the barrel and its cylinder combined with 3 sets of keys
  • The information from the management system must be marked indelibly and directly on the sub-assemblies.

Solution proposed

Marking: column-based dot peen marking machine + positioning and holding mount for the 5 elements, marked in the same marking cycle
Software: standard integrated software
Reading: receipt of data from the barcode reader directly connected to the marking machine's USB port

Client benefits

The Technifor solution consists of the dot peen marking of the 5 elements in the same marking cycle to avoid any chance of mismatching a lock with its 3 sets of keys.
Technifor has designed a mount for positioning the 5 elements from a single batch. The marking information is entered using a barcode reader automatically filling the fields in the marking file. The operator's intervention is limited to the positioning of the elements on the mount then to the entry of the number of batches to be marked. The incrementation by batch is processed automatically using the software.
The composition of the marking files has been pre-saved in a password-protected menu, access to which is given to the supervisor who is the only person permitted to modify the file parameters.

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Identification of Locks

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