Locks and keys - Marking and traceability tamper-proof

Technifor has developed a range of integrable and workstation solutions dedicated to the permanent marking of keys, barrels, latches, nuts, padlocks, hinges, door brackets and plates, etc.

- Precise identification of all information: serial numbers, batch numbers, logos, DataMatrix codes and authenticity marks, etc.
- Clean marking: no burrs or shavings
- Durable marking: resistant to wear

Our marking equipment is fast and offers increased flexibility:
- Mark all metals: stainless steel, steel, silver, nickel, brass, etc and any plastic: ABS, PA, etc
- Manage several files and logos: mark on 2 faces and one or more lines, etc.
- Identify all components: keys, cylinders, mechanical, electronic or electrical locks for automotive, industry, commerce and residential, etc.

-> Comply with international standards (UL, CE, certification A2P, BS EN 1303, etc.)

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Cylinders and keys

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Security systems

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