Structural parts - Marking for shipyards

Mobile marking on exterior field
Mobile marking on exterior field
Marking steel structures
Marking steel structures and large steel plates
Mobile marking on exterior field

Client needs

Marking of structural parts for shipyards

  • Marking of beams and large steel parts
  • Marking of certification logos and text


  • External marking in very humid conditions
  • Long distances for the operator to travel to reach the areas of the parts to be marked
  • Very hard and rusty steel parts
  • Requirement for a log of markings made

Solution proposed

Marking: portable fully-autonomous battery-operated machine

File preparation: Technifor marking software operating on a PC

Client benefits

Each morning an operator collects a portable marking gun from the "marking" area of the factory and loads the files created using the PC. He inserts the battery and heads to the outdoor part of the site to mark the beams and other structural parts. At the end of the day, the operator transfers the data marked on the computer from the "marking" zone.

This solution is very robust and suits our use perfectly. The machine is very easy to use, the markings are easy to produce by the operator and they remain very readable despite the difficult storage conditions of our parts!

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Structural parts - Marking for shipyards

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